Thanks for stopping by the JeRM Software home page.

JeRM Software is a collection of hobby projects. Most are the result of research into learning a new technology or wanting to produce a useful tool or fun little timewaster game.


Cosmos represents a first attempt at learning to write a game using Javascript through use of HTML5 Canvas and Audio objects. Though the gameplay mechanics are not original, all the code is. This project was written from scratch. For this reason its ability to format and function correctly across multiple platforms/browsers may be limited. Eventually iPad/iPod/iPhone specific support would be great but it's hard to tell how long the ambition for this project will last. Log in in with Facebook user info will allow you to have your name posted in the leaderboard and maintain your 'unlocked level' status between visits. I find writing apps that try to write to my "Wall" annoying, but that feature may be added in the future if any feedback suggests it's desired. Hope you have some fun with it.



Docklands was my second HTML5 hobby project. Again, the gameplay is not original but everything was coded from the ground up. I tried to organize things a bit more with this project and planned a little more for playing the game on mobile platforms. It was functional on iPhone up until the (iOS7?) update that added the brilliant feature that pops up the browser GUI when you tap near the bottom of the screen... i have not had time to see if this can be disabled by the game. Considering there's a lot of tapping at the edges of the screen going on, the game isn't playable on newer mobile Safari browsers.